Frog’s Tooth Vineyards Scores Big at San Francisco Chronicle Competition

Our new winemaker, Will, made us proud at this years SF Chronicle Wine Tasting Competition.

’13 Tempranillo – GOLD
’12 Zinfandel – Silver
’13 Serendipity – Silver
’13 Malbec- Silver
’13 Sangiovese -Bronze
’13 Grenache – Bronze

We are very fortunate to have this young, up and coming, winemaker. Read his bio below and get to know him better…

Will Savioe-Houle
With strong French roots on both sides of his family. natural wine artistry runs strong in his veins. Born in Calaveras County, the mountains have given him his livelihood. He was born to be a Winemaker.

Will started doing vineyard work at the age of 19 out of a desire to learn the business.  As an energetic thoughtful young man he caught the eye of long time Calaveras winemaker Nathan Vader.  Often asked and doing the work of three men his determination was hard to ignore and he quickly became assistant winemaker.

Will honed his palate and wine sensories at an early age, finding that practical experience rather than University training has served him well.  After spending 9 years in a labor of love he was sought out and became head winemaker of Frog’s Tooth Winery and Vineyards…quite an accomplishment at 27 years young.

He and Lacy, his significant other, work the Vineyard and Winery side by side. Doing all of the extra caring steps to grow healthy fruit. At harvest they hand touch each cluster to ensure worthiness to be used in his wine. Will has spread his wings and is relentlessly showing bold creativity with Frogs Tooth Winery. Every wine has a full experience and such a beautiful signature for your palate to interpret.

Please stop by and sample our outstanding wines.  Will’s Old World ancestors would be extremely proud.